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FirstView Insight "Lupus" provides country specific insights in order to estimate market potential for a therapeutic area based on the pricing and reimbursement scenario and perceived value drivers in different market archetypes. It gives a detailed picture of the disease landscape and unmet needs of different stakeholders existing in the current treatment paradigm. Thus it enables to identify and leverage on the commercial opportunities spanning across different lines of therapy.

Geography Covered

  • United States
  • EU5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom)
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Sweden

Report coverage:

Pricing & Market Access landscape

This section covers the detailed pricing and reimbursement scenario for Lupus in a particular geography. Helps in understanding the value drivers and expectations of different stakeholders and role of health technology assessment bodies in the reimbursement decisions. With example of case studies, it illustrates the reimbursement pathway for a similar therapy introduced earlier and the associated challenges in order to help the client to design their go-to-market strategy.

Market Access strategy for different payer archetypes

Segmentation and mapping of payers to different archetypes based on their specific criteria of assessment i.e. cost-effectiveness, budget impact, clinical effectiveness. This would enable designing effective market strategy for reimbursement in these markets. It also covers the reimbursement decisions and benefit ratings of competitor drugs by different health technology assessment bodies in EU5,US and Japan.

Payer Policy changes and implications

Provides an overview of the changing payer preferences, concerns and evolving requirements. Informs about the payer policies impacting the prescription and uptake of particular product. Estimates the future payer environment and drivers of change.

Innovative pricing and funding mechanisms

With increasing pressure from payers and limitations in evidence development, many innovative payment mechanisms are being introduced such as outcome based reimbursement, annuity based funding etc. This section provides examples of such innovative models and feasibility of their application in a particular disease scenario.

Lupus Overview

This report contains comprehensive overview of disease including disease definition, classification, symptoms, etiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic trends, as well as details about treatment algorithms and treatment guidelines for Lupus

Lupus Epidemiology

This section encompasses information on the incidence and prevalence of disease in EU5, US & Japan.

Lupus existing and upcoming treatment landscape

Captures the evolution of treatment paradigm including the current and emerging drug therapies. Provides information on the clinical trial results, mechanism of action, route of administration, therapeutic positioning and regulatory milestones. It gives insight into the potential therapeutic targets for drug development.

Lupus Market Trends & Unmet needs

This section of the report helps to understand the market trend and opportunities by analysing the impact of current therapies on the market, current and future unmet needs, drivers and barriers and demand of better technology. This is determined by analysing the impact of various factors such as mechanism of action, route, cost of therapy, patient segmentation, existing available treatments, compliance and need of the market, expected launch timelines, competitors, brand value and KOLs perception.


Our research team is guided by senior market research expert with specialized experience and diversified exposure, we collect data, analyze, and disseminate periodically to all our stakeholders. We collect information through primary research and secondary databases such as company website, SEC filings, clinical trial databases, news media, press releases, journal articles, regulatory bodies, HTA website, etc. to provide complete picture of the market. We insure our report provides a complete and dynamic valuation of pharma assets, which will provide insight for decision making, and transform business processes to provide.

Major highlights of the report

  • Detailed analysis of existing and upcoming competitive landscape
  • HTA decisions and benefit ratings for :
    • NICE (UK)
    • GBA (Germany)
    • HAS(ASMR and SMR)(France)
    • AIFA (Italy)
    • AEMPS (Spain)
    • SMC (Scotland)
    • ICER (US)
    • Chuikyo (Japan)
  • Market archetyping and product positioning
  • Case studies on innovative funding models
  • Unmet need, major barriers and drivers across the industry
  • Value story for achieving reimbursement and premium pricing in different markets
  • Disease overview:
    • Pathophysiology
    • Symptoms
    • Etiology
    • Diagnosis
    • Etiology
    • Treatment Algorithm
    • Treatment Options
  • Overview of Marketed drugs
    • Drug 1
      • Drug Description
      • Mechanism of Action
      • Regulatory Milestones
      • Clinical Trial Details and Results
      • Adverse Events
  • Overview of Major Pipeline Drugs
    • Drug 1
      • Drug Description
      • Clinical Trial Details and Results
      • Product Development Activity
      • Regulatory Milestones
      • Expected Launch Date
  • Current Epidemiology of Lupus by 7 Major Markets (7MM)
    • Epidemiology of United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Japan
  • Drivers and Barriers
  • Unmet Needs
  • Pricing & Market Access landscape
  • Unmet Needs
  • Market Access strategy for different payer archetypes
  • Innovative pricing and funding mechanisms
  • Appendix
  • Report Methodology
  • Consulting Services
  • Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: Diagnosed Cases Lupus in United States

Table 2: Diagnosed Cases Lupus in Germany

Table 3: Diagnosed Cases Lupus in France

Table 4: Diagnosed Cases Lupus in Italy

Table 5: Diagnosed Cases Lupus in Spain

Table 6: Diagnosed Cases Lupus in United Kingdom

Table 7: List of Marketed Drugs for Lupus

Table 8: List of Pipeline Drugs for Lupus

List of Figures

Figure 1:Types of Lupus

Figure 2:Stages of Lupus

Figure 3: Pathogenesis of Lupus

Figure 4: Risk Factors of Lupus

Figure 5:Treatment for Lupus

Figure 6: Diagnosed Cases of Lupus in United States

Figure 7: Diagnosed Cases of Lupus in Germany

Figure 8: Diagnosed Cases of Lupus in France

Figure 9: Diagnosed Cases of Lupus in United Kingdom

Figure 10: Diagnosed Cases of Lupus in Spain

Figure 11: Diagnosed Cases of Lupus in Italy

Figure 12: Diagnosed Cases of Lupus in Japan