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Social media engagement with patients has become a powerful tool for pharma and healthcare industries. Social media has now become a platform for the educated and empowered patients and caregivers to express openly about their health conditions in a very specific manner. The quality of information available on patient social media platforms has also improved in recent years. While twitter has been dominant media type for interaction, engagement on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Forums, Blogs, etc. has grown significantly.

We provide digital research services including social media listening or social media monitoring research for pharma and healthcare industry. Using our unique and time-tested approach we generate actionable business insights based on online conversations. Our team consists of data scientist, pharmacy graduates, healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals who are capable of extracting, assimilating and interpreting unstructured big data into meaningful set of data that can be translated into actionable insights. Patients often use variety of terms to describe their therapeutic condition. To ensure high quality and standards our team thoroughly reads the entire content with attention to details to eliminate chances of error.