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Forecasting is an essential component and determinant of success in the current competitive pharmaceutical industry. Based on market research, forecasting offers calculation in order to predict the trends, characteristics and future numbers for a target market. Pharmaceutical companies need to stay on top of the latest market trends, predict drug sales revenue and meet future challenges successfully. We provide forecasting and analytic services with the aim of targeting data related to patients, product and services, competitors and sales, for generating actionable insight that help pharmaceutical businesses gain perspective on all of the relevant aspects of predictive market queries.

We cover various elements such as disease, comorbidities, diagnostic approaches, treatment options, disease prevalence, treatment algorithms, treatment flow including diagnosed and drug treated patients, unmet needs, drug sales, clinical profile of the drug, dosage, drug price, reimbursement, patient compliance, promising pipeline molecules, regulatory, and generic erosion. Our team performs a range of activities such as market sizing, determination of market potential, peak sales estimation, drug uptake forecast, and market forecast.

Market Product Forecasting:

We help the companies in determining an asset’s revenue potential, preference share, and adoption using the market product forecast model. The parameters considered for assessing the market share of the marketed product are product revenue, theoretical number of doses per year, compliance, price per dose, entry of new players, genericization, patient expiry, loss of patient exclusivity and impact of new entrants

Pipeline Product Forecasting

Our pipeline forecast model helps the companies in understanding the clinical study design in the early phases of drug development. Based on the data on launched products during a specific time period, we select the appropriate analogs and using them as examples, we determine the uptake of the pipeline product. We provide the comprehensive analysis of novel agents based on their clinical trial results, therapeutic potential, regulatory approval, launch dates, market challenges, uptake drivers and barriers, and other factors. The insights on pipeline provided by us enable effective decision making crucial for the commercial strategy for the successful launch of the product